1. No cursing. In other words, don’t say anything you wouldn’t on Kate’s blog.
  2. No trolling on any pages. This includes vandalizing in any form.
  3. Unless you have permission, you are not to change the format or content of someone else's page. Editing a small typo, adding categories, and other minor edits are allowed without permission.
  4. No bullying or purposefully attacking another member. Bullying is not tolerated on BlogClan, so it will not be tolerated here. Hateful comments or other hurtful things to another user will result in a temporary ban and/or the chat being disabled for a few hours to days.
  5. Arguments that happen on this wiki should not go back to BlogClan/BlogClan 2 Wikia.
  6. No spam. Spam on the wiki will lead to a ban.
  7. No nasty comments or opinions of a nature that could make others uncomfortable- this includes homophobia, comments against a certain religious or ethnic group/racial slurs, and otherwise offensive things.
  8. No sexual or triggering topics.
  9. Do not post personal information on the Wiki. There will be absolutely no tolerance for leaking somebody else's information.
  10. Don't link wikis other than the Warriors Wiki, the BlogClan Wiki, and the BlogClan 2 Wikia.
  11. Do not use copyrighted images, videos, etc on this Wiki. No pictures from the Warriors Wiki are allowed on wiki, as images from the Warriors Wiki are not allowed to be used outside that community.
  12. No sockpuppetry. Sockpuppetry is defined as creating additional accounts to avoid punishment.
  13. Don't impersonate other members. Doing so could get you banned from Wikia entirely.
  14. Don't take other coding without permission.
  15. In general, just be respectful to everyone and don't do or say anything you wouldn't do on Kate's blog. Use common sense.
  16. There will be a strike system on the wiki. These strikes will be reset every month.
    1. First offense: A warning.
    2. Second offense: A one day ban.
    3. Third offense: A one week ban.
    4. Fourth offense: A one month ban.
    5. 5+ Offenses: Will be determined by the admins.
    6. Please note exceptions will be made for a particularly troubling or offensive nature.

These rules are in place so the BlogClan Testing Wiki can be a safe and happy community dedicated to testing coding and other things for the BlogClan 2 Wikia.

Thank you for reading!

-BlogClan Testing Wiki